Instructions for Use

Instructions for Use

  • The STOVEN range was born in the name of high performances, in order to satisfy the most demanding users
  • It consists of dishes made of state of the art techno-polimers, which make it particularly resistant to high temperatures  
  • STOVEN has been created from the need to preserve the environment, thanks to the product durability and the complete recyclability of its raw materials. According to the studies carried out on LCA method (Liife Cycle Assessment), the impact on the environment is reduced of more than 80% after only 10 uses 

Usage in traditional oven

  • It can be used in the traditional oven up to 150° for maximum  45 consecutive minutes


Usage in microwave

  • The plate must be used with food only. According to existing standards, the usage of the plate without food in the microwave can be considered irregular. The plate is semi-transparent to microwaves and its usage without food may damage the microwave oven and/or alter and/or bleach the plate.
  • It can be used in the microwave at 900 watt for maximum  5 minutes
  • Please follow usage instructions and precautions described by the manufacturer


  • it can be used up to 500 washing cycles according to norms EN 12875-1 (washing indications) e EN 12875-2 (control).
  • Before usage, rinse the plate wirh a non abrasive sponge


Food safety

  • The Stoven range has been designed with a technopolymer especially developed for food contact safe usage (PETC), thus respecting all MOCA norms. Reg. EU 1935/2004 - Reg. EU 2023/200 - Reg. EU 10/2011 (and following updates)