An extraordinary story, born from intuition that has thrived for more than thirty years through commitment and passion

The GOLDPLAST story begins in the 70s, when an entrepreneurial family from Lombardy decided to start manufacturing plastic accessories for luxury luggage. Right from the start, creativity and technological expertise have defined this venture, and innovation has been key to its success.

In the mid-90s the idea took root that was to open the door to a new future for the company: to transform a simple and indistinguishable product, like disposable plastic tableware, into a thing of beauty that would really inspire people.

The idea was a success and, in the following years, the company established itself in the industry. Turnover began to grow at a fast pace, the product range continued to expand and, in 2006, the internationalisation project was launched with the opening of the Topoloveni factory in Romania.

2015 was another turning point: the Group acquired the patented technology for moulding and integrated blowing. The company thus entered into the blown wine glass sector, made with brand new technopolymers, reinterpreting the market for luxury tableware.

In the same year new international investors acquired majority equity and management control of the GOLDPLAST group, with the aim of strengthening its presence in international markets and making the business model sustainable over time, including through significant investment.