Our values & behaviours

Our values & behaviours

The values of GOLDPLAST are rooted in our history, experienced in our present and made real by the people who work with us.

Passionate about success...

We work with passion every day to constantly innovate and improve our products. Our passion for success is reflected in our search for new goals, which are the starting point for new objectives.


...able to generate trust...

The world of GOLDPLAST is filled with people who are always ready to listen to the needs of their clients and able to generate trust: this is our priority. We strive to offer innovative, elegant and stylish solutions of high quality, and to surprise our consumers by providing the best response to their requests.


...working together with integrity...

Our achievements are made possible by the commitment of the people working in GOLDPLAST, people who not only share a passion but also a way of working that is incapable of neglecting respect, honesty and transparency.


...and behaving responsibly.
The attention we pay to our employees and stakeholders, the care we take over details and the responsibility and awareness of every action we undertake, distinguish us in everything we do.


The standards and ethical principles of behaviour that we have adopted are described in our Code of Ethics.